It matters not that we do not use weapons, martial or ranged. What matters most is what is in our hearts. Here we are, fighting, not for national boundaries. Not even for our mortal lives do we stand and march to defend. What we fight for is greater than any of this.

What we fight for is peace, liberty, and justice; what we are fighting for is the survival of our families, for One Family Under God; what we are fighting for is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; what we are fighting for, is Cheon-Il-Guk.

Let the battle begin, and let it end without a drop of blood being spilled.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Holy Days

Happy Norwegian Labor Day, happy springtime, and happy month of May! Below is a list of religious Holy Days for May 2009. Thanks go out to the authors of the RYS Newsletter for providing the dates.

1st, Friday: 55th Anniversary of the founding of the HSA-UWC in Soul, Korea, True Father's(Rev. Sun Myung Moon) first organization.

2nd, Saturday: Twelfth Day of Ridvan - Baha'i remembrance of God's message.

7th, Thursday: National Day of Prayer - USA - Interfaith observance. 2009 is the 58th annual observance. Check out the official website.

9th, Saturday: Buddha Day - Visakha Puja - Buddhist observance of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. By the way, check out this great painting which depicts Asian religious unity, "Three laughing men by the Tiger stream."

12th, Tuesday: Lag B'Omer - Jewish observance of the link between Pesach and Shavout.

21st, Thursday: Ascension of Jesus - Christian - universal presence of Jesus.

23rd, Saturday: Declaration of the Bab - Baha'i observance of religious unity. Click here for the more detailed full story.

24th, Sunday: Man Mul Ui Nal (True Day of All Things)- Unificationist celebrate the idea of loving all things, for all things are looking for their true owner and looking forward to the fulfillment of the three basic loves: the love of God, the parental love from true parents, and the love of the children who receive this perfect love of God and parents. Read the speech True Day of All Things and the Initiator of Harmony by True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon), June 5th, 1997.

28th, Thursday: Ascension of Jesus - Orthodox Christians celebrate the universal presence of Jesus.

29th, Friday: Ascension of Baha'u'llah - Baha'i remembrance of the death of the founder.

29-30th, Friday & Saturday: Shavuot - Jewish celebration of the Ten Commandments.

31st, Sunday: Pentecost (Whitsunday) - Christians recall the power of the Holy Spirit and remember the Ten Commandments. Many Christians get baptized on this day.

I hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Centering on True Love,

Christopher D. Osborn
Ski, Akershus, Norge

2012 Motto for the Unification Movement

Cheon-gi 3 (2012) Unification Movement/Tongilgyo/Cheon Il Guk Motto:

"The Era of the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind"

Click here to read a translated transcript of Father Moon's 'True God's Day 2012' midnight prayer.