It matters not that we do not use weapons, martial or ranged. What matters most is what is in our hearts. Here we are, fighting, not for national boundaries. Not even for our mortal lives do we stand and march to defend. What we fight for is greater than any of this.

What we fight for is peace, liberty, and justice; what we are fighting for is the survival of our families, for One Family Under God; what we are fighting for is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; what we are fighting for, is Cheon-Il-Guk.

Let the battle begin, and let it end without a drop of blood being spilled.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kazakhstan now jailing Baptists too!

Here's a simple update from the facebook group Petition to Free Lisa Drenicheva!!

For love, liberty, and One Family Under God,

Christopher D. Osborn
Bergen, Hordaland, Norge

Nancy Jubb sent a message to the members of Petition to Free Lisa Drenicheva!!

Subject: Kazakhstan now jailing Baptists too!

Do you have a friend who’s Baptist? Invite them to join this group/petition as it’s now clear that Kazakhstan’s government is not only targeting religious minorities, but they are now jailing Baptists as well! This petition is not just about freeing one person who was unjustly jailed, but putting pressure on Kazakhstan to stop persecuting religious groups!!

HURRY, the petition deadline is March 1st.

Baptists Jailed in Kazakhstan:

recent Washington Times Article on Kazakhstan’s persecution of religious groups:

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