It matters not that we do not use weapons, martial or ranged. What matters most is what is in our hearts. Here we are, fighting, not for national boundaries. Not even for our mortal lives do we stand and march to defend. What we fight for is greater than any of this.

What we fight for is peace, liberty, and justice; what we are fighting for is the survival of our families, for One Family Under God; what we are fighting for is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; what we are fighting for, is Cheon-Il-Guk.

Let the battle begin, and let it end without a drop of blood being spilled.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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christopherwitt said...

The Unknown Story: the Failure of Sun Myung Moon; and how he might be restored.

My 21 years came at the end of the 210 years in America from 4-18-1776; I came to New Hope in 1986 before 1987: when the Wall of Jericho fell at the Global level between the East and the West; at the End opf Russia's 70 year period of Babylonian Captivity that began in 1917; until 1987.

Although in my book I put back the 430 year foundation of suffering the black race paid in the West from 1492 as the inheritors of Israel's position in the "racist" Egypt I am surprised Rev. Moon never noticed the 4 times that his date of 1517 really exposes; the two 400 year periods from 1517 being as that of 1917 at Fatimah in Portugal as the providence of the start; the 1917 as the date the Marxists took over Russia ; and the 430 years at the establising of israel in 1947; and then the appearence of martin Luther king 430 years after Martin Luther at 1517; at any rate; Rev. Moon missed these times.

In my book "The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine" these dates are not lost: they are written about in the terminology and parlance of the Unification Church as that of the New Unification Church: which I began to rebuild Rev. Moon leaving his position and his coming death in the Golden Cage of Babylon in which John the Baptist met death in the Palace of Herod: where Rev. Moon spiritually resides It is not easy to untangle the elements concerning the Coming of the Son of man; but let us see if it can be approached at all.

As Rev. Moon reaches his 89th year we who are instructed in the Kingdom of heaven concerning the Providence of Restoration have heavy hearts indeed; for despite my efforts to communicate with everyone in any position of authority in the remnants of the Unification Church to begin a dialogue has been to no avail; so now as I approach the publication of my book ( "The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John") I apparently having no choice but to review that flawed masterpiece that is the visable work of Sun Myung Moon; his book "Divine Principle".

This remarkable book has done more to cast light on the interior meaning of the Bible and the Design of Providence than any book ever published in the west; but this work is itself not without precedent; the history of the Providence subsisting in the Secret Book of the Druses; in which the 7 stages of the Providence are spelled out going from Adam at the individual level to the famial level of Noah; to that of the tribal or extended family at Abrahm; to that of the racial level at Abraham, Issac and Jacob; and thence to the national level at Moses; and thence to the global level at Jesus. Here their book differs from the scale of the "Divine Principle"; for they put Muhammed at the last or universal stage; who the Druse rejected to some degree; saying that when Gabriel came to them with the Qur'an they said:

"God is enough for us".

When asked why they would not support Muhammed's claim of the mantle the Druse are reputed to have a tradition that when ever the fixed number of the Druse goes too high the offspring of the Druse "go east" to a far off country: perhaps: Korea? At the universal level we have the progression from the global level of the entire earth to that of the cosmic or last stage; the Kingdom; or "heaven and earth". The "wall" of the Cosmic Jericho which seperates heaven and earth is that of Babylon's "Mystery" or 7 veils; which John was sent to me to uncover as the Judgement approches; for it is this "Mystery" of the great whore upon the waters of humanity that hides The Mystery of God; and the uncovering of the one is the destruction of the other.

John's revealing to me of the prophectic sentence which hangs over Rev. Moon has to do with his role as "the faithful and wise steward/servant" mentioned in Matthew and Luke; and because of Rev. Moon's ignorance or denial of his actual status as this prophetic figure we are put in the position of having to restore Rev. Moon starting at the place where he "stumbled" and then "fainted"; which happened in the course of the writing of his book or record "Divine Principle".

The Key of David is the Cross of Christ: the Divine Principle Itself.

It is this simple principle that Rev. Moon is unaware of; but the one who actually hold this Key is the Lamb; and thus we see what happened when Eliakim was given the "key of David" which Shebna held until then; when Shebna was "stripped" of his office: for eating and drinking while the enemy approached; as a hireling who cared not for the sheep; saying "let us eat and drink and be merry: for tommorrow we die". This is Stoic Epicureanism; moral desertion in the face of adversity in the eyes of Jehovah; that Name the 7 Lamps of fire burn In; whose Unity is the Holy Spirit as of the 7 Spirits of God.

First of all the 7 lamps of fire burning before the Throne of God mentioned by John the Divine in his Revelation are actually the "Principle of Creation" itself; moreover it is the Unity of the 7 Spirits of God which is the "Holy Spirit" itself; if Rev. Moon has some doubt about this I suggest he look at the Lamb with the 7 horns and the 7 eyes; for he embodies the Holy Spirit as the Son of the Living God; but the "7 horns" and "7 eyes" of the Lamb are those of "the Resurrection" and "the Life".

Reverend Moon's claim that the Holy Spirit is a female spirit is thus incorrect; as the first Spirit of God which is the Holy Spirit of Grace can attest if one "overcomes" in the first church to ascend the first rung of the Ladder of Jacob by "hearing" the first voice in the days of the "sounding " of the first angel of the 7 churches with the 7 trumpets. Thus "overcoming" in the churches is predicated at "hearing" the "sounding" of the 7 angels; for the 7 eyes which are the 7 senses of the Lamb are also present in every man and woman; and it is these 7 senses which Rev. Moon never approached; although the 7 angels of the 7 churches represent the 7 external senses; and the 7 angels in white with the 7 vials represent the 7 internal senses. The first 7 are of the Resurrection; the second 7 are of the Regeneration.

For those members of the Unification Church who actually love Rev. Moon I suggest they start reading the Revelation of St. John the Divine: which is the Ark of the Testament being the Written or "Literal Word of God"; and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb within that Ark which is the Will of the Father; a Rod of Iron.

Lord Jesus is the Lamb given this book from God that John saw when he followed the Lamb to the Throne of God; rewarded for dying to accomplish God's Will; not "my will: but Thine be done". This is how the Lamb was given the Book of Life: it was his new portion of Responsibility. Up to this point no one has known what the 7 seals on the Book were; but as John has revealed this to me it is the Open Book which is the Lamb's Book.

But taken out of the Ark and opened that Book becomes something else: a Sharp Sword; even sharper than Rev. Moon's book "Divine Principle"; a double-edged sword itself: a mixture of truth and falsehood.

"Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?"

Is it not Mr. Moon?

Who was The sheperd of the 7th church; whose city is Seoul? Unification, branch: sufic

as Joseph Smith was the sheperd of the 6th church; whose city is Salt Lake City? Mormon, branch: archaic The

as Emanuel Swedenborg was the sheperd of the 5th church; whose city is Bryn Athyn? Swedenborgian, branch: noetic True

as George Fox was the sheperd of the 4th church; whose city is London? Friends, branch: gnostic Vine

as Martin Luther was the sheperd of the 3rd church; whose city is Berlin? Lutheran, branch: reformic

as Augustine was the sheperd of the 2nd church; whose city is Rome? Roman, branch: catholic

as Peter was the sheperd of the 1st church; whose city is Jerusalem? Pentecostal, branch: apostolic

Is this not the Household;

the House which is made of the 7 churches of Christianity which is the Church of the Living God? Was it not you who gave the servants of the House their "meat in due season"; that being your book "Divine Principle" and the other writings which you published along with those you did not? I trow that it is.

And what is the due season? Is it not the Last Days? The time in which it is said that there would not be "a famine for bread", as in the time of Joseph; "but a famine for the Word of God", even for one in the position of Joseph now; the Lord making the Rev. Moon one in charge of the House or Church in the Messiah's stead to feed those with the hunger for righteousness in the famine of the Last Days; feeding the children of the 12 tribes of Israel like Joseph fed the children of Israel in their famine; when he was over the House of Egypt in Pharoah's stead.

"Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

Of a truth I say unto you: 'That he will make him ruler over all that he hath'."

As ruler over all "he hath" one may see that Rev. Moon would reach the position of the Messiah "proper". This is his destiny: to miss this opportunity is to be "cut asunder"; a most unpleasant fate; reminiscient of John the Baptist losing his head. Here it is as if John could then ascend to the position of the Messiah himself by restoring John the Baptist first as the condition of indemnity on the global level as the Messenger of Jehovah of hosts.

Yet The Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ that came to Rev. Moon basically put Rev. Moon in his own position until he "came back"; just as when God put the Archangel in charge of Paradise on the 7th day when He slept until He returned; but the archangel fell asleep in a dream where he was drugged with the poppy that Eve gave him; on the advice of the serpent.

Thus Eve and the serpent were able to get together. Adam and Eve were fallen but Eve was still a virgin; her hymen was intact; thus the Archangel did not let Azrael slay Adam and Eve for the Fall; and thus it was this "false mercy" which became the reason that Adam became a child of the Devil; for in disobeying God in having Azrael slay him if he broke the Commandment and lost his seed the Archangel became the "false father" of Adam in not killing him for breaking his Word by not keeping his own "promise" or "word to God" which constituted the "Covenant".

Every Covenant is a "two-way street". Thus Adam did not die in that day in which he lost his seed; which the serpent had told Eve and which she told Adam when she "touched it" and did not "die". Thus Eve helped Adam entertain doubts about God's Vengance by "having lived to tell the tale" . Adam finally doubted God enough to entertain Eve; unfortunately she came to him in the position of the temtress or "angel of death" by tempting Adam from the position of the serpent; whose position she had taken; just as the aerpnet had taken the Archangel's position by sending her to Adam to tempt him and the Archangel had taken Adam's future position when God let him sit on his Throne until He came back from sleeping on the 7th Day. God had told Adam that in the "day he ate of the Tree of the knowledge of Godd and Evil he would surely die"; but when the Archangel did not let Azrael kill Adam when Gabriel found them ( as Gabriel is the Voice of God ) the Archangel did not enact God's Word; thus God's Will was annulled; it was for this the serpent was cursed; for breaking the "promise" or "truce" which was supposed to be in place until God returned after He slept on the 7th Day; the fall of the Archangel was that of the fallen position of leaving one's position for refusing to leave his position as Adam's guardian angel after God returned and reassumed the Throne; which is where the Archangel was to have held Adam's position of the Sun as the Day-star until Adam reached the maturity to take his position in the Sun as the Son of God; in comparison to Adam the Archangel was like his older brother; waiting for his younger brother to catch up; for the angels were made first; and then man.

Thus we have the jealousy between Cain and Abel goes back to the jealousy of the Archangel for Adam for God's Love; for in comparison the Archangel was like a distant star from God's heart in relation to Adam who God held close: making his "star" like the "Sun" in it's size as "closest" to God's heart.

When Adam had defeated the serpent of Eden at the gates of Paradise by overcoming his temptation to raise his phallus without the agency of the Holy Spirit then by "subduing" his lust Adam was to "control" his desire; as one might break a horse with a bridle. Subdue: not kill: break; not destroy. The serpent thus struck by betraying his position of trust; as knowing he was to seduce Eve and Adam was then to rescue her from him as her "Saviour" and "Hero". This is why the serpent or "angel of the devil" was cursed: he ruined the "happy ending" of the "fairytale" that God had designed so that Eve would worship Adam and become the vessel of the holy angels to him for them. This did not happen.

Rev. Moon was given the position that John enjoyed when Christ put him in his own position to baptize him in the Jordan; but because Lord Jesus commanded John to do so it was John's body substituting for Lord Jesus's own body that put John's sacrificing of the Lamb as Issac's offering of the sacrificial Ram; thus it was as if Jesus had truly sacrificed himself through the agency of John in his owm position. But we know that John was the one who was to have been sacrificed for Lord Jesus; and not the tragic defeat of John as Elijah by Jezebel as Herodias; and the face of Jezebel as "Salome"; the face of the Dragon; the painted face of Jezebel in the High Window: who says: no one seeth me.

Thus did Herosias send her own daughter to play the harlot: Isis and her 7 veils: it was for this revealing of the Mystery of God that Kind Herod promised Herodias "anything" she wanted. The knowledge cost Herod dear; and John even dearer. Yet it was not the true Mystery of God: it was the veil of Mystery that hides the Mystery of God that is the one that seperates "heaven and earth".

Until now; of course.

For Rev. Moon to reach immortality he will have to repent of his past mistakes and also submit to the "beating" which John will be forced to admisinster in writing as in the "public Eye"; for who God loves He chastises; thus these stripes will be the ones in which Rev. Moon is healed; though he knows it not. Yet it is fitting that he be given this chance to reach the position of the Messiah; because as John says; men have invested so much trust in him that we have to restore him; for it is of this trust men have placed in him that now God will give the means that he be able to become perfect; as for his followers who expect the most from him.

Thus it is John who comes to save Rev. Moon; in the "mental jail" which he occupies; as John the Baptist did before. This is because John unconsciously believed that his father zacharias was actually Jesus's father through an act of adultery with Mary; unconsciously accusing the Holy Spirit of producing Jesus in an act of darkness: which is how Lord Jesus ened up in the hands of the power of darkness in that "hour" as Judas or "Apostle" of the "Day" as Jesus or "Christ" actually was.

Visiting Reverend Moon in Jail: as the Angel visited Peter and rescued him from his chains; the jail; and the jailers.

John the Baptist sent his two disciples to Jesus when he was in prison: where Jesus did not visit him. For doubting Jesus the elders of Judah lost the City and the Kingdom; for doubting Jesus John lost his freedom and his head. But John had lost his head long before it left his shoulders by the sword when he was cut asunder at death


But that was so he would be able to save John this time: for John was Elijah: and Sun Myung Moon is John; though he knows it not; yet Rev. Moon consciously believes that Zacharias was Jesus's earthly father: just as John the Baptist also believed unconsciously of his father. This is why John never received the Seal of the Living God or any of the Power of the Messenger which Jesus had as having the Power of Elijah in the Spirit of Mercy: the Great God. It is Rev. Moon's mistake about the nature of the Holy Spirit as having Lord Jesus "marry" this Holy Spirit as if it were female: but if that were true then when the Dove came down on Jesus at the Jordan then he wouild have been married: but the Voice said "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased". As God said to David: "Thou art my Son: today have I begotten thee". The Baptism of Jesus was the Resurrection of David; just as the Resurrection of Jesus was the Regeneration of David; which is in my book "The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John".

In freeing Rev. Moon from the accusation of John about Zacharias and Mary that the devil was able to have john entertain in his heart in his jealousy of who John considered to nbe his "half-brother" who "God loved more" we have the relationship once again between Ishmael and Issac: but in the satanic sense as the jealousy of the Archangel towards Adam; as Cain being invaded by the Devil or Archangel toward Abel when he gained Adam's original blessing from God; thus standing in Adam's position: briefly.

In Danbury prison Rev. Moon was given an opportunity to review his life and works to see if there might be some possible reason that he; like John the Baptist, ended up in jail. Rev. Moon did not get the "warning"; thus he is now in a much more dangerous "prison": the one of "delusion".

It is this "prison" which is the "golden cage of babylon" that he now sits in: with every hateful bird as of "his family" where "the vultures are gathered" as around his coming "dead body" or carcase to "take his position".

The Lord God Almighty will not let this happen: thus I am going to direct you to reading the section of "The Seal of the Living God" so hopefully you can introduce this one revelation that can transform Rev. Moon in a flash of lightning.

The Seal of the Living God

The Seal of the Living God is therefore that which was to have been given to the Unification Church by Sun Myung Moon in which he would have been given all the Lord had; including his position as being not just ruler over the household but over all things. To enlighten Rev. Moon about the true nature of the conception of Lord Jesus John has had me put down enough of a foundation in the last 21 years that it is possible to stop the sun or masculine principle and the moon or feminine principle where they stand. When Gabriel who is the Voice of God who was singing in the garden when the fall took place came to Mary he did not "breath" the Word into Mary so that she conceived as the Koran states; this is just Mary with an angel repeating the pattern of the fall by Eve with the archangel; this being Mohammed's mistake.

After Gabriel told Mary about Elisabeth Mary did not go down to Elisabeth's house to lay with Zacharias as those in the Unification Church believe repeating the pattern of the fall by Eve with Adam, this being John the Baptist's mistake.

Mr. Moon missed Muhammed's mistake but not John's. Thus what really happened was this: when Gabriel visited Mary she went out of her house into the countryside on the way to Judah in the south. At a certain point in her journey Mary was overshadowed by the power of the most high: she was turned into a female dove and the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah in the form of a male Dove came to her. What is not generally known is that male Doves impregnate the female Doves by coughing up their seed into their mouths; they then go to the female Dove and she swallows the seed from the male Dove by a "kiss" by which the male Dove places the seed from his mouth into hers. Swallowing the seed the female Dove conceives. The Holy Sprit in the form of a Dove that came down on Lord Jesus at the Jordan was thus the one which had been with Mary when she was turned into the female Dove. After Mary conceived in the form of a Dove she was turned back into a woman: and still a virgin. This should resolve the confusion your shepherd Reverend Sun Myung Moon is now suffering from; and Wisdom is justified of all her children; she is the True Mother of the Lamb; just as the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove is the True Father of the Lamb; and the Holy Kiss is the Seal of God.

Rev. Moon therefore shall know that the Holy Spirit cannot possibly be "female"; that is "Isis"; the Queen of Egypt; and Osiris is the Cosmic Cain himself who made him stumble in judgment; just as she did with Solomon who ened up making three altars to the goddess; the 3 altars of sex; drugs and rock and roll that Rev. Moon currently stands before God with his book open as the Cosmic Balaam by aveering that the Holy Spirit is female. That is the lie of "Isis" or Egypt. Marrying Lord Jesus to the Holy Spirit is then to marry "two men"; that is Sodom. Sodom and Egypt are where our Lord was crucified spiritually in Jerusalem. It is here where Sun Myung Moon has fainted; marrying two men at the Altar!

When must Rev. Moon be saved??

I invited you to read this to see that there are some things which the Unification Church init's restoration will have to face: for the 144,000 did not get sealed with the Seal of the living God; thus they stand in the position of the beasts that entered the Ark in two's: the unclean ones. The clean ones enter in 7's: those who become perfect as they who folow the Lamb in the 7 fold overcoming of the Son of man whose example one must follow in the 7 overcomings of the 7 churches: whose Unity is that of The Church of the Living God.

What is the Proof that God sent you this letter through the agency of his Servant John??

It is the Proof of the 3 beasts of Revelation; for those who read and understand will know more than the one who presently calls himself "the Lamb of God"; the one we must save: Rev. Sun Myung Moon; who God would throw away no more than He would a stained glass window that had some cracks in it: He would first attempt to fix it.

As of all those who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb all sit down at the table where the invited guests eat the Supper of the Great God it is John who informs those gathered about the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the Book of life of the Lamb. The two beasts of revelation end up being the main courses of a meal which few we even forget; yet those who know the book of Job will find these two beasts strangely familiar; as what Job the Saint suffered through the entire earth must also endure; especially those who follow the Lamb. Simply put the first beast which John saw coming out of the sea is the three-in-one we call the "Axis"; at the Supper John describes how the Japanese, Italian and the Greek beasts of Daniel come forth in the image of the Dragon as Japan in the position of Babylon which in Daniel is the Lion; Italy in the position of Medo-Persia which Daniel describes as a Bear and Germany in the position of Greece which Daniel describes as a Leopard. The second beast is the false prophet which is Marxism; that it has two horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon is another way of saying that the two horns are pure communisn and pure socialism; stolen from the first church as these two principles were the basis of the community of Christ; wherein all sold their goods and brought them to the feet of the 12 Apostles; which is pure communisn where there is no private property; the Apostles then took the goods of the flock and allocated them for the widows and elderly and sick; and then the orphans and the poor: this is pure socialism. That Marx tried to forestall the Kingdom by making the kingdom of the dragon which is the kingdom of God without God shows us that at the global level the two beasts stand in the advesarial positions with the first beast of the Axis standing for the 7-10 tribe/nation confederacy of a global Canaan; and the false prophet in the position of a global Balaam.

That the false prophet speaks as a dragon can be understood as atheism; the red dragon is the beast which symbolizes Egypt in whose image the Axis comes forth for world or global domination in the form of Rome; whose 10 horns were the first 10 Caesars; this is why they all have the same mind; they are the 10 crowns on the 10 horns as each received their hour with the beast of Rome that the Axis in Rome's image tried to take over the world with. Kaiser is german for "Caesar".

This is all rather obvious after John explains it; the fact that no one has known what the two beasts from the sea and the earth are or what they represent shows us that John proves his identity by showing humanity what the Revelation really is: the Word of God. This letter is, in fact, my last attempt to reach the Unification Church and it's sheperd with the Word; I am sure that few on earth would dare deny the truth once it is revealed. Once my book is published it will be too late.

Thus John asked me to send this letter as a last ditch attempt to contact Rev. Moon with what could restore him and allow him to finally reach his goal; for to reach perfection is to reach the Grail; which Rev. Moon does not know even exists. To be perfect and holy is thus what the Holy Grail is all about; but only those who have the Seal of John by keeping their seed in their bodies faithfully unto death are those who have kept "the Word of his patience". As Lord Jesus said: "....the Seed is the Word of God.....". Lord Jesus died a virgin; those who become virgins follow him on the White Horse of Revelation on their white horses; faithful unto death. While still alive the dead in Christ first rise: I bring the Unification Church which no longer exists a chance to be restored and to be the first to receive the news of John's return.

St. John the Divine is certainly someone of which Muhammed had heard; but that John would return to prophesy again he made no mention of, though he might not have called himself the Last Prophet if he had understood the report. Perhaps he didn't think it was possible; for Muhammed might have indeed been the Last prophet before the Last Judgment; but he was not the Last Apostle: for the Last Apostle is St. John the Divine; the Beloved Apostle of Love: the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; like standing in the position of Joshua; as the Child in the name of Christ Jesus before which he makes smooth the way is he who stands in the position of the Tabernacle of God: the Lord of the Second Advent.

And the "scarlet beast " of chapter 17 in the Revelation is: Red China.

As everyone in the Unification Church knows, or should know, to restore something back to it's original form one has to find where it went off course and then go back to that exact place and begin again. For instance; you Rev. Moon state in your book that the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud represent the Holy Spirit and the Son of God. Unfortunately it was the Tabernacle which represented the Son of God; the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud actually represented the Covenant of Night and the Covenant of Day; the Two Witnesses.

Thus the relationship between Gabriel and Michael is that between the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud; as that which was to exist between John and Jesus; with John as Jesus's persoanl prophet or "messenger" just as Aaron was to Moses; and as Gabriel is to Michael; as can be seen in Daniel when Michael sends Gabriel to make Daniel understand what is going on.

Bless you in the name of the Child who comes in the Name of Christ Jesus;

The Wrath of the Lamb

2012 Motto for the Unification Movement

Cheon-gi 3 (2012) Unification Movement/Tongilgyo/Cheon Il Guk Motto:

"The Era of the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind"

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