It matters not that we do not use weapons, martial or ranged. What matters most is what is in our hearts. Here we are, fighting, not for national boundaries. Not even for our mortal lives do we stand and march to defend. What we fight for is greater than any of this.

What we fight for is peace, liberty, and justice; what we are fighting for is the survival of our families, for One Family Under God; what we are fighting for is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; what we are fighting for, is Cheon-Il-Guk.

Let the battle begin, and let it end without a drop of blood being spilled.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Unificationism Logo

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for so very long.  There has been plenty loads for me to post about, I just haven't prioritized my time to actually posting here.  Today I just wanted to post this logo online so that I, along with other Unificationists, could more easily use it.  In my case, I want to use it in a gmail auto-signature. For some reason, gmail only allows you to add an image to your auto-signature from a web-location, rather than being able to upload an image directly from your computer.  It's very strange since they allow direct uploads of images into the email itself, just not in the auto-signature input section in the settings.  So I have to upload it first to Blogger in order to use it in my auto-signature.

Just to make sure, I deserve no credit for the design of this logo.  I have received it in emails from other Unificationists, but I have no idea who created this particular one.  I've looked for it online but thus far haven't been able to find it.  But thank you to whomever did design this!

By the way, here is some info about the Unification Symbol:

From, a private website belonging to an American Unificationist:

From our international president Hyung Jin Moon:

Hopefully I'll be able to write a little bit more often.  We'll see.

Sincerely,  centering on True Love,

Christopher D. Osborn

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2012 Motto for the Unification Movement

Cheon-gi 3 (2012) Unification Movement/Tongilgyo/Cheon Il Guk Motto:

"The Era of the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind"

Click here to read a translated transcript of Father Moon's 'True God's Day 2012' midnight prayer.